Why Heat Treatment Services

Quality of State-of-the-Art technologies

Heat Treatment Services (HTS) demonstrates mastery of heat treatment in the treatment of thin-walled parts and small parts that require maximum precision in heat treatment. The materials are heat treated in State-of-the-Art ALD machines:

The Processes of Efficiency and Effectiveness

Be our partners, enjoy the advantages of every single step in our whole process.

Advantages of Low Pressure Carburizing:

  • Precision Carburizing
  • No intergranular oxidation
  • No surface decarburizing
  • Fast carburizing

Advantages of High Pressure Gas Quenching: 

  • Possibility of distortion reduction of 15-50% depending on part geometry and steel grade
  • Improve fatigue resistance
  • Clean surfaces


  • Clean working enviroment without vapors, flames, or soot
  • No post quench wash required
  • Zero fossil emission
  • 99% helium recovery

Advantages of Vacuum Heat Treating done by ALD Heat Treatment Services (HTS)

  • Manufacturing cost reduction up to 20 to 30% (e.g: by elimination of hard machining)
  • Quick delivery turnaround
  • No capital investment in own equipment
  • No investment in human resource (Vacuum specialists)


For long-term customers

  • Outsourcing a big workload to the reliable partners like us, the customers benefit all the prime heat treating technologies also saving time and resources.

For short-term customers

  • We are the solution for your R&D purposes.
  • HTS is your back-up plan when you are over capacity or your systems shut down.


We are the metal heat treating provider for globally-known customers: Bosch, Continental, General Motors, Magna, Miba, Linamar, Systrand …