Heat Treatment Services (HTS) is a business unit of ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH – a global leader in manufacturing furnaces for vacuum  metallurgy and vacuum heat treatment. At HTS, we deliver the most advanced technology of heat treatment to customers who wish to benefit from the advantages of ALD technologies without investing own facilities or operating the whole technology. Our services are available at three global centers in Germany, USA and Mexico. The fourth plant in China began operations in 2021.

We utilize State-of-the-Art heat treating technologies available from ALD. Our well-known equipment such as ModulTherm® and DualTherm® accommodate the demand of outsourcing in the wide field of hardening and heat treating. HTS provides commercial heat treating services with industrial scale in a timely manner. The highest quality standards are implemented in the line with ALD’s philosophy.  We are your heat treatment services expert for a broad section of markets such as Automotive and Mechanical engineering.

In addition, our facilities are designed for recurring production processes, the HTS plants have all the essential additional equipment and certified internal processes that the customers rightly expect from a premium supplier.

Thermal treatment processes we offer at HTS are High Pressure Gas Quenching, Low Pressure Carburizing, Hardening, Annealing, Tempering and more. Following are services that are offered at our plants in details.